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At the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s (DWC) 24 district offices and satellites located around the state, sometimes called WCABs, employers, injured workers and others receive judicial services to assist in the prompt and fair resolution of disputes that sometimes arise from workers’ compensation claims. Local district offices are a major part of the workers’ compensation court system, where judges make decisions about cases.



Most offices have information and assistance (I&A) officers on staff, who provide a variety of services to injured workers, employers and others. A primary duty of I&A officers is to help injured workers who don’t have attorneys navigate the workers’ compensation system. Call 1-800-736-7401 for recorded information from I&A staff 24 hours a day, or contact a local office during business hours to reach a live person.

Oxnard - OXN

Pomona - POM

Redding - RDG

Riverside - RIV

Sacramento - SAC

Salinas - SAl

San Bernardino - SBR

San Diego - SDO

San Francisco - SFO

San Jose - SJO

San Luis Obispo - SLO

Santa Ana - ANA

Santa Barbara - SBA *Satellite Office

Santa Rosa - SRO

Stockton - STK

Van Nuys - VNO

Anaheim - AHM

Bakersfield - BAK

Eureka - EUR * Satellite Office

Fresno - FRE

Long Beach - LBO

Los Angeles - LAO

Marina del Rey - MDR

Oakland - OAK

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