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Timothy D. Morgan

Timothy Morgan graduated from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas with a Degree in Sports Medicine. While preparing to attend Physical Therapy School, Mr. Morgan changed course and pursued the study of Law after moving to California in 2003. He graduated from Ventura College of Law and passed the California Bar Exam on his first attempt in 2009. 

Mr. Morgan started his legal career working at a small Family Law firm in Bakersfield before moving back to the Los Angeles area, where he was an Associate at a few large firms dedicated to Medical Malpractice Defense. 

He came to workers' compensation in 2013 and quickly became a Partner before becoming a Founder and Managing Attorney at Morgan & Leahy in 2017. His previous experience includes handling the defense of workers' compensation claims from inception through Trial.  He also personally briefed and argued before the California Court of Appeal a case involving an Award of 100% permanent and total disability to an injured worker who refused to subject himself to examination under oath at Trial. The 100% Award was overturned and remanded back to the WCAB for further proceedings and the Court of Appeal ordered the publishing of its opinion.  

Mr. Morgan's education and background as a medical malpractice defense attorney give him the expertise to conduct thorough and targeted depositions of medical doctors in a manner few attorneys can. He easily navigates the often nuanced and complex medical opinions that doctors report in the workers' compensation system. 


He looks forward to putting his collective skills and talents to work for you in defense of your claims.

Timothy D. Morgan
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