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Jaon Hilfrink, attorney at Morgan & Leahy


Mr. Hilfrink earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois State University before moving to California and earning his Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University.

Mr. Hilfrink has devoted his career to Workers’ Compensation, where he has served in many capacities as an attorney. Early in his career, Mr. Hilfrink was the chief legal editor of multiple editions of a leading treatise on workers’ compensation. Mr. Hilfrink has spent the majority of his career in management positions where he assisted in managing the home office of a large statewide workers’ compensation defense firm, opened and managed a northern California satellite office in the State Capitol of Sacramento before later assuming management responsibilities for a central valley office location in Fresno. Throughout his career, Mr. Hilfrink has had the privilege of overseeing statewide accounts, working closely with his clients to develop global litigation strategies on several issues, and being specifically requested to consult on complex, heavily litigated catastrophic injury cases.


Mr. Hilfrink has represented self-insured entities, third-party administrators, and insurance carriers on standard issues of workers' compensation, Labor Code Section 132a discrimination allegations, serious and willful misconduct, and all forms of penalty claims.

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